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Introduction and Documentation :

In the 1995 to 2004 timeframe, I worked in engineering-software computer support (Unix) for a large manufacturing company.

We had many printers connected to the company network via print server boxes. Keeping the printers defined to our Unix workstations required putting the appropriate printer definitions in a central '/etc/printcap' file.

The printers were connected to the company network via small print server boxes like the Trendnet print server boxes in the picture above --- but a different brand.

I may want to do something similar for my home network --- that is, wire-connect 2 or 3 printers to the home network and access the printers via 2 or more Linux home computers.

I may want to do the printing via an 'lpr' print-daemon system rather than via the CUPS printing system often used with Linux computers. I would be driven to do this because there are 'filters' in the CUPS system that often disallow me to print a simple plain text file (like a Tcl-Tk script) that I know should be allowed to print.

To that end, I may need to know how to configure the '/etc/printcap' file for printers connected to the home network.

Manuals like the following contain sections indicating how to setup the '/etc/printcap' file for printers connected to the network via a small print server box --- in order to use the printers from Unix-type computers/workstations.

Here are a couple of PDF's for some Trendnet print server boxes (in the TE100 series) --- PDF's that I found on the Internet.

By 2012, the TE100-MP1U was no longer being sold, and it was replaced by the TE100-MP1UN.

Here is/was a Trendnet web page for wired (versus wireless) print servers.

If that page goes dead, you could try navigating the Trendnet web site at

Many of the Trendnet manuals, especially the newer ones, were available via the site, and via the site.

If you want additional information on the Trendnet print servers, you can try a WEB SEARCH on keywords such as "trendnet" print server. You can add a model identifier.

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