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This 'PAPER or CARDBOARD' Seamless Tiles page

How the tiles are presented :

The tiles below are presented on this page at their actual size.

Because the tiles may be in a very wide variety of sizes and aspect ratios, the tiles are simply presented down the page --- one after another --- rather than across the page and down.

Under each tile image is a text link labelled 'tiled webpage'.

Click on that link to bring up a web page in your browser, showing the tile as it would appear in 'repeat' mode --- that is, as it would appear on being 'tiled' across and down a web page background.

The demo pages of 'tiled tiles' are shown in a separate window or tab.

You can compare tilings and close the separate windows to re-reveal this page.

If you want still more seamless tiles of this nature, you can try a WEB SEARCH on keywords such as "seamless tile" web page background paper cardboard. Then you can add or change modifiers.

tiled webpage

tiled webpage

tiled webpage

tiled webpage

tiled webpage

tiled webpage

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