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This Immigration (a Facts Collection) Page

! Preliminary !
This is a preliminary page --- a 'starter' page on which to
collect more info --- including web-site links and web-search links.
The plan is to add more info as it becomes available in future years.

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Introduction :

The purpose of this web page is to serve as a place to accumulate information on immigration --- 'factoids' of various kinds --- demographic, social, political, environmental, etc.

In particular, 'numeric factoids' will be collected to try to gather 'quantitative' information as well as 'qualitative' information.

Collecting graphs that bring the numerics to life is also an aim of this page.

This page attempts to group the 'factoids' into categories that are presented below on this web page. See the 'Table of Contents' below for some categories.

In some cases, the 'factoids' could be assigned to two or more of the categories. To avoid duplication, each 'factoid' will be assigned to one of the categories.

The 'factoids' (below) on immigration come mainly from magazine and newspaper articles. But this information may be augmented by web links (for example, to specific Wikipedia pages) --- as well as web links to web searches on pertinent 'keywords'. For example:

For more information on various aspects of immigration, you can modify these keywords to do similar types of searches.

Searching this page :

The following 'Table of Contents' provides links to sections further down on this page. In case the Table does not provide a good way to find what you are looking for, then ...

If you are looking for some particular information, you can use the text search function of your web browser. For example, if you are looking for information on a topic such as immigration from 'Eastern Europe', 'Northern Ireland' or 'Syria', enter the key-string --- or a shorter string such as 'europe' or 'ireland' or 'syria' --- in the text search entry field of your web browser --- to find sentences on this web page containing the keyword(s).


(links to sections of this web page, below)

'USA Immigration' factoids go here.

U.S. Immigrants 1942-1965 and 1965-2010

"From 1942 to 1965, 82 percent of all immigrants coming to America came from Europe."

"After 'reform' in 1965 (the Hart-Celler Act), 88 percent of all the new immigrants have been non-Europeans."

For further information on U.S. immigration issues, here are some web searches to try (and to modify).

'Non-USA Immigration' factoids will go here.

For further information on non-USA immigration issues, here are some web searches to try (and to modify).

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