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Categories of Government-Citizen Reference Info :

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  • Electronic Vote Counting Issues
    (how to restore some integrity to vote counting --- random audits --- and re-elections if records are lacking)

  • Federal Government Contact Info
    (Senate, House, WhiteHouse, etc.)

  • Gun Lobby 'Big Players'
    (info on lobbyists, manufacturers, CEO's, etc.)

  • Immigration - Facts Collection
    (info on immigration into the U.S. and other countries)

  • Police Behavior
    (a list of some beatings, shootings, killings of citizens by police, in the United States - with an introduction discussion)

  • other possible topics are Clean Water, Clean Air, Global Warming, Corporate Lobbying for Corporate Entitlements, Mining-Remediation, Public Lands Protection, etc. etc.

  • See the 'Walls of Shame' link on the 'RefInfo menu' page.
    The 'Walls of Shame' contain some info on these topics.

A page of external links related to
government-citizen topics (specifically 'world-improvement')
is here, available via the home page of this site.

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