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Scroll down this page to see brief citizen quotes on some instances of lethal (or potentially lethal) crimes committed on 'the Peninsula'.

    'The Peninsula' is the 'north side' of the 'Hampton Roads' area of Virginia.

    'The Peninsula' is between the James and York rivers in southern Virginia.

    'The Peninsula' is a metropolitan area including the cities of Hampton and Newport News.

Most of these crime instances are reported in a 'Local News - Briefs' section of the Daily Press newspaper.

And the feedback from citizens is reported in a 'Feedback' section of that newspaper. The 'Feedback' section is inside the front page --- on page 2 of the newspaper.

The feedback is collected from Facebook pages of the newspaper, and the feedback on a particular crime usually appears within a day or two after the crime is reported in the newspaper.

Pages of Maps of Crime-Locations :

This web page is a 'child' to a 'parent web page', which is a menu of collected Peninsula-lethal-crimes reports . . . organized by year and date-within-year.

That menu provides links to web pages that list and describe the crimes, and those web pages include links to maps that show the locations of the crimes.

Goals of These 'Lethal Crimes' pages :

The intent of the map links is to provide substance to an appeal for using high-resolution cameras to help solve crimes --- so many of which end with 'the police ask that people with information about this crime call ...' --- with no one responding because of the danger of being a 'snitch'.

Some of the citizen comments below indicate they wish for such a 'footage' aid, to stem the flow of shootings . . . to, at least, get probable repeat offenders off the streets . . . even though the original crime is not stopped.

Goals of This Web Page :

The purpose of this particular web page is to provide an idea of how citizens are reacting to these deplorable crimes --- which seem to be accelerating in number.

    Around 2013 and before, the Daily Press 'Local News - Briefs' section would include occasional reports on crimes in Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach (the 'south side').

    Around 2018, there is no longer a need to 'pad' that section with reports from the 'south side'. There are more than enough shootings on the 'north side' ('the Peninsula') to fill the 'Briefs' section of the Daily Press.

It is the intent of this page to show a collection of citizen concerns about these lethal (and potentially lethal) crimes --- and, more specifically, show citizen concerns about the deaths and maiming and continuing mental anguish that is a result of these crimes.

A sampling of citizen comments:

  • Crime is everywhere, can't run from it.

  • I'm ready to leave this town.

  • This is happening way too much in our city.

  • Why not life? He murdered someone. Where's the justice.

  • Hampton and Newport News have only become a shooting gallery and killing field. Anytime of day it's crazy.

  • We will be moving out of Hampton once the lease is up here in a couple of months. I've lived in Hampton my entire life, 37 years. It's pretty sad to think about what it was once like compared to now. There's no doubt it's just going to get worse. Very sad.

Enough of this 'introduction'.

Below is a list of many quotes on Peninsula crime instances --- collected by year --- most recent year first.

You can use the following 'Table of Contents' to jump to a particular year --- or simply scroll down the page to browse the citizen quotes.

A sad thing: This is only a sampling of the many citizen comments on the violence on 'the Peninsula'.

Table of Contents:

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(The citizen-quotes are ordered by date-of-publication
in the DP (Daily Press) 'Feedback' section ---
within each 'year' section.)

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2018   (most recent first)
  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2018 May 12, Saturday

      Eric Saub, 31, was convicted of second-degree murder by a jury in Isle of Wight County Circuit Court on Wednesday for the April 2015 death of Jean Marie Smith. Both lived in Hampton. She died from a gunshot in the back of the head. Saub was also charged with use of a firearm in commission of a murder. The jury recommended 30 years in prison.


    Why not life? He murdered someone. Where's the justice.
    Teresa P.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2018 May 11, Friday

      Pregnant woman killed:
      A woman, 15 weeks pregnant, was shot early Thursday in Newport News, near Madison Avenue and 27th Street. She died at the hospital later in the morning.


    That's two murders --- one for her and one for the unborn baby.
    Ashley B.

    I'm ready to leave this town.
    Carolyn E.

    Crime is everywhere, can't run from it.
    Shean L.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2018 Mar 27, Tuesday

      Armed burglary and shooting:
      Willie Darez Milligan Jr., 29, of Newport News, is charged with four counts of use of a firearm in commission of a felony, one count of attempted malicious wounding, one count of burglary while armed, one count of shooting into an occupied dwelling and one count of shooting in public.


    And the senseless violence continues in Hampton because the citizens won't vote for change.
    Lesley D.

    Hampton resident here. There was a drive-by shooting four houses from me last week. I live in what is considered a 'nice' neighborhood. When you and your three kids have to dive to the floor, in the middle of folding laundry . . . it's pretty life changing. We will be moving out of Hampton once the lease is up here in a couple of months. I've lived in Hampton my entire life, 37 years. It's pretty sad to think about what it was once like compared to now. There's no doubt it's just going to get worse. Very sad.
    Amanda J.

    Part of the daily routine sadly.
    Joseph T.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2018 Feb 14, Wednesday

      Pizza driver robberies:
      Five people have been arrested in connection with a recent spike of pizza delivery driver robberies on the Peninsula.


    Keep this up and there'll be no more pizza deliveries.
    Mark H.

    Just glad I'm done with that job. Years ago they stopped a lot of the safety precautions to increase speed.
    Paul C.

    Thank you to our police department.
    Darryl C.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2018 Feb 8, Thursday

      Shots into 2 vehicles and a home:
      Officers responded to the 400 block of Yale Drive in Hampton shortly after 6PM Jan 31. Investigators think two people fired several shots in the area, hitting two unoccupied vehicles and one home. No one was injured.


    This is no longer shocking to hear, that's the scary part. Our city is becoming crime infested with lowlifes and gangs and drugs. It's a fact.
    Beverly R.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2018 Jan 26, Friday

      Pizza driver shot:
      A Domino's Pizza driver was sent to a hospital with life-threatening injuries Thursday after being shot while making a delivery in Newport News.


    That's near my apartment. I order from Domino's a lot. Last time was last Sunday during the NFL games. Ugh ...
    Dartania E.

    This is ridiculous. I hope for a speedy recovery for the driver and they catch the scumbag that shot him.
    Danielle B.

    Sad. Honest living. And somebody who won't work gotta violate him doing his job.
    Carl C.

2017   (most recent first)
  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Dec 20, Wednesday

      Woman shot multiple times:
      Hampton police responded to a report of a shooting in the 300 block of Lynnhaven Drive in Hampton. A woman was shot multiple times and transported to the hospital with injuries considered to be life-threatening.


    Little too close to home.
    Samanthe J.

    Hampton and Newport News have only become a shooting gallery and killing field. Anytime of day it's crazy.
    Jack R.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Nov 21, Tuesday

      Man with gunshot wounds:
      Around 3:43AM Sunday, emergency communications got a call from a hospital reporting a man walked in with gunshot wounds. The man was shot near LaSalle Avenue and West Mercury Boulevard. The man is in stable but critical condition.


    Just another day on the Peninsula, isn't it? He is not cooperating, owed somebody drug money, knows full well who, and why he was shot.
    Julie Anne C.

    Well, he already got shot, he doesn't want to die, why should he snitch?
    Amy A.

    They call it 'street justice'. Thugs paying thugs back.
    Patti W. J.

      [Yes. But it's not just thugs. Others can get hit/killed in the process.]

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 May 31, Wednesday

      Vandalism with racist/gang overtones:
      All Northampton Little league games are canceled this week after someone vandalized its facilities over the weekend, a board member said. Someone spray-painted graffiti, racial slurs and possibly gang signs in the boys and girls bathrooms, as well as in a dugout. They also damaged the sinks, toilets, and partitions in the bathrooms.


    Absolutely ridiculous! I grew up there. Kids can't be kids anywhere now a days!
    Tara K.

    Very sad.
    Randy E.

    I hope the camera shows the little turds who did this and they are able to be caught and held accountalbe to the highest level.
    Susan M.

      [Yes. We need hi-res street cameras and a good monitoring system, as touted on these web pages. And traffic cameras . . . and even NASA-satellite/dirigible/drone cameras . . . could be part of the coverage.]

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 May 1, Monday

      Armed man killed in bar:
      A Newport News police officer shot and killed a man who was armed and violent at a restaurant Saturday morning. Police received a call about 4:51AM reporting a violent person in the Pondo Cafe, a small sports bar in the 5800 block of Jefferson Avenue, just south of Briarfield Road.


    They need to close that trashy place down.
    Melissa W.

    Why was a sports bar still open at 5AM?
    Jeff P.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Apr ??, Saturday

      Woman shot at in her car:
      Newport News police are investigating after a woman was shot at while inside her car early Thursday morning. Police responded just before 3AM to the 400 block of Savage Drive, just south of Denbigh, to a report of gunshots. There, officers met with a 31-year-old who told them she was inside her vehicle after returning home when she saw four males walk toward her vehicle, two on each side. She said she started blowing the horn to get someone's attention, and when she did, one of the males pulled out a gun and fired a shot inside the vehicle. They then fled the scene.


    Sounds like the same description of those seen near a complex between Denbigh and Bland that have been trying doors on parked cars and even attempted to force entry into one.
    Don R.

    I would be in jail for running them over because criminals have all the rights and idiots love to stand up for them, not knowing the facts.
    Dustin H.

    She should have run their butts over!
    Shontel P.

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am always armed and willing to defend myself and my family. I am not a willing victim of some lowlife. . . . This is happening way too much in our city.
    Edward O.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Mar 10, Friday

      Animal cruelty, 21 dead dogs:
      A Hampton man faces multiple felony charges of animal cruelty and other offenses in the case of 21 dead pit bulls found at a city home Monday.


    It is absolutely horrific what this monster did to those helpless animals. The fact that our court system allowed him to continue torturing [tens of] animals for so many years is just as horrifying.
    Meg R.

    If he is found guilty, I hope the court sends him to jail for a very long time.
    Judith H.

    I don't understand. Why have dogs if you're not gonna take care of them?
    Tylet B.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Mar 9, Thursday

      Life sentence for a homicide:
      A Hampton man acting as his own lawyer in a first-degree murder case was given the maximum punishment on all charges in a 2014 homicide and was ordered to spend the rest of his days behind bars.


    Another one of Hampton's finest.
    Duane A.

    Amy A.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Mar 8, Wednesday

      Robbery of convenience store:
      Two men were arrested in connection with a robery at a Hampton First Stop Convenience Store Monday. Two people walked into the store, demanded money and ran away with it, but police were able to make an arrest Monday with the help of a citizen tip.


    Young healthy men. Why can't they work for a living instead of working the prison route? I don't understand how they don't have a work ethic of any sort. That life must be so nerve-racking.
    Karen M. J.

    Imagine that, typical criminal element in Hampton Roads.
    Jack R.

    Some things never cease to amaze me.
    Lisa M.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Mar 7, Tuesday

      Armed robberies:
      Officers from the Newport News Police Department's Central Precinct responded to the second of two back-to-back business robberies Monday morning. Police said two armed people with shirts covering their faces entered Mary's convenience store at 805 Old Oyster Point Road and took a cellphone and cigars before fleeing the scene.


    I saw the police rolling down Jefferson on my way in to work, and now I know where they were headed. Too close to home. Get a job and work for what you want. Don't rob people.
    Ashley D.

    This garbage is getting too close to home!
    Edward O.

    Sounds like the crook had a crooks shopping list of places to stop at on the way home to the missis!
    Baxter T.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Mar 7, Tuesday

      Animal cruelty, 18 dead dogs:
      Police said 18 dogs were found dead inside a home on Pochin Place in Hampton Monday. One dog was found alive and taken to a local vet for a physical.


    I'm angry and heartbroken all at once. Unimaginable what those poor dogs went through. Whoever is responsible should face swift and severe (whatever is the harshest available) punishment.
    Meredith Ann W.

    I wonder how many missing pets in the local area may be victims of this tragedy.
    Irene B.

    This makes me so angy. I hope they find the person/people.
    Betty Y.

    This did not need to happen, not with all the resources today; this did not need to happen.
    Karen and Roger B.

    Just want to scream and hope these people are found, but I know the punishment won't be harsh enough.
    Diane B.

      [Is it just me, or does there seem to be more outrage over maiming and killing dogs than maiming and killing people?]

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Mar 6, Monday

      Armed robbery, two dead:
      A 34-year-old Newport News man was convicted Friday of killing two men during an attempted robbery in broad daylight in a residential area of Southeast Newport News early last year. The man got two life terms for these murders.


    Justice was served.
    Cherie M.

    Good call. Justice system worked this time!
    Mike P.

    If he did it, he didn't get anything less than he deserved.
    Vanessa W.

      [But why do so many get less than 20 years for murder? Plea deals for a lesser sentence? Sketchy evidence? It seems that there are some judges who are too lenient with murderers. Those judges should be subject to case review.]

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Feb 28, Tuesday

      Drive-by shooting, four people shot:
      Four people were shot in City Center in Newport News early Monday morning. Officials said the incident happened near the Paragon movie theater, and the four victims went to the hospital.


    How sad these shootings keep happening! Gun laws need to be reinforced and maybe curfews would help. It's getting out of hand. Prayers to the families.
    Donna T.

    Jeez, and I thought City Center was the safest part of Newport News.
    Matthew D.

    It's a shame you can't go anywhere these days.
    Tammy S.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Feb 14, Tuesday

      Mall shooting:
      Hampton police are investigating after a man was shot outside a Peninsula Town Center business Sunday evening. The man told officers he was walking when he heard gunshots and realized he'd been struck. Police say he was taken to the hospital.


    Just because you remodeled the buildings and put in new stores doesn't mean the crime that used to happen at the old coliseum [mall] would go away.
    John N.

    My family and I left shopping in that exact area less than 30 minutes before the reported call time. Is anywhere safe these days in Hampton and Newport News?
    Heather L.

    It's a shame we can't go anywhere anymore without having to worry about our safety.
    Doris W.

    This is what happens when society picks and chooses which laws to uphold. Lawlessness takes root.
    Richard E.

      [More likely the problem is the holes in the laws --- such as gun laws. But, in addition to good laws, the tools to uphold the laws consistently and comprehensively need to be available.]

    My husband and son were there at Chipotle when it happened. This is just too much crime for this area.
    Karen M.

2016   (most recent first)
  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2016 Dec 2, Friday

      Body found in pond:
      Police said a person walking her dog called 911 after she saw a body in the pond at Stoney Run apartment complex in Newport News around 9:45AM Thursday. Divers searched the pond, retrieved the body and brought it to shore around 11:20AM. Officials identified the body as a male who was pronounced dead. [Shot? Or accident?]


    I pass that pond just about every day since its birth. I don't like it; it's very dangerous. I am very surprised that this has been the only incident over the years. Especially for children. I always said that it should have been fenced in.
    Arthur B.

    If that pond is anything like the pond in my apartment complex, kids will play in it, and their parents won't be watching them at all. I pray it's not a kid, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is.
    Dartania E.

    Brandy E.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2016 Nov 30, Wednesday

      Shootings, 2 dead:
      Two men in Norfolk were fatally shot in separate incidents early Tuesday morning.


    Every day there is a shooting somewhere in the Hampton Roads area. It's just sad that we as a united community cannot band together and stop this madness.
    Anjonette M.

    Is this type of news getting so commonplace that no one seems to bother commenting anymore?
    Lynn S.

      [They would comment, vociferously, if two dogs had been shot.]

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2017 Nov 29, Wednesday

      Robbery of firearms:
      Two juveniles are facing charges after a robbery at a Bass Pro Shop in Hampton early Monday morning. Police say they believe the teens broke out the glass on a side door to the store and then entered the business and stole "multiple firearms". Police say they recovered the stolen guns near where the suspects were arrested.


    I can't believe how easy it is to steal guns from a store. Guns should be under key and vault.
    Steve H.

      [Yes. Police should bring 'reckless endangerment' charges against the executives of Bass Pro Shops. Not kidding.]

    Thank God the guns were recovered. Last thing we need in Hampton Roads is more guns on the streets in the hands of teens.
    Don R.

    Good job, HPD.
    Teri B.

    Hope they passed a background check first.
    Richard S.

    Y'all know this is why some people want to do away with guns? Not saying I agree, but I understand.
    Chris T.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2016 Nov 13, Sunday

      Mother, whose son was killed, appeals to public:
      "Please help police find who stole my son's future.", Lolita Frazier said. Her son was killed in a Spet. 28 double shooting in Newport News.


    If you know something, say something. Call the tip line or whatever, but this mother deserves answers.
    Don R.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2016 Aug 10, Wednesday

      Police headquarters hit by bullets:
      A police spokesman said three windows of the building were shattered, two in the evidence building and one at the records divieion. All the windows are on the building's first floor.


    Go ahead and shoot at the police. They have better training and accuracy.
    Mike B.

    Hope no one was hurt at the police headquarters. Wow.
    Tamita R.

    This is just too much! Killing police officers. Now shooting up the headquarters. All you gunslingers, you must face it, something must be done about the gun problem.
    Bob P.

    Unbelievable! A completely cowardly act. I hope the individual feels the urge to 'boast' about his deed and that leads to his arrest and conviction.
    Don R.

      [If the cities will not put hi-res cameras in high-crime areas, you would think they would at least have them in the neighborhood streets around police headquarters.]

    Ridiculous. No right whatsoever to damage other people's property. I hope they had footage and whoever did it is charged to the fullest extent.
    Ashley D.

      [Yes. There needs to be 'footage capabilities'.]

    Our taxpayer dollars to build and repair now. Relieved no one was hurt though.
    Janet H.

      [Let's spend some tax dollars on 'footage capabilities'.]

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2016 Aug 9, Tuesday

      House burglary:
      A man was arrested after residents of Newport News caught him breaking into their home. Residents of the home told officers they came home and found a broken rear window and a man, later identified as a 32-year-old Braxen Andrew Griffin, hiding in a bedroom.


    Guy is lucky the homeowners didn't have a gun.
    Monique J.

    Wow too close to home.
    Gloria B.

2015   (most recent first)
  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2015 May 25, Monday

      'Drug manufacturing' (growing?) arrests:
      Four people were arrested Thursday by Suffolk police following a search of a home that uncovered a drug-manufacturing operation to include more than 100 marijuana plants, as well as tens of thousands of dollars' worth of gold, vehicles and other items.


    End the war on drugs and we won't have things like this happen. All the 'manufacturing' (or growing as it's commonly known) will take place in the open . . . legally. If you do that, though, you'll have to defund the police state some and you can expect much resistance from the aurthoritarians and the politicians they support. In the meantime, though, let's just keep supplying the for-profit prison industry with a fresh supply of non-violent offenders. It makes all the old prudes and easily influenced (manipulated) meatheads feel safer.
    Bart T.

      [Some years ago, around 2010, a newspaper account pointed out that about 40 percent of the money going from the U.S. to Mexican drug gangs was from marijuana sales. To keep that money from going to the horrific Mexican drug lords, let's bring legalized marijuana growing to the U.S. The taxes will help fund schools, roads, etc. Keep the money in the U.S. --- and out of the hands of violent criminals.]

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2015 May 13, Wednesday

      Panelists talk about community issues:
      Five local young men, most of whom are in the detention system, joined Newport News law enforcement and criminal justice officials on the panel. In light of numerous recent incidents across the country between citizens and police and [in light of] recent local shootings, community group 'People 2 People' hosted a forum Tuesday evening titled 'Bridging the Gap of Trust'. Discussion topics were perceived obstacles to trust, ways to overcome mistrust, and living with fear and violence.


    "Their father is not there, or they just like to follow the other teens. They'd like to pick up a gun before they'll pick up a book or a pencil."
    one of the young men

    In addition:
    Young men talked about (1) a lack of hope, (2) growing up without nurturing, loving families, and (3) growing up without fathers.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2015 May 12, Tuesday

      Person shot at tavern:
      A person was shot in the parking lot of Kelly's Tavern in Hampton on Sunday. Investigation revealed that two unknown individuals were involved in a verbal altercation in the parking lot. The individuals exchanged gunfire, and the victim was hit. Multiple bullets also hit vehicles in the parking lot.


    Safety is at home . . . most of the time!
    Mary P.

    I just don't understand why people are so quick to shoot each other. There seems to be a complete disregard for life nowadays. Death is final and folks seem to have lost any ability to grasp that concept. God help us.
    Anjonette M.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2015 Jul 31, Friday

      Under the title 'Skeptical of the numbers', here is a comment on the police crime reports which are mentioned in a 27 July 'Feedback' item below.


    I always rush to get the paper. For the first time in 67 years, I'm embarassed to pick up my paper. Are you seriously trying to tell me that crime has dipped in Hampton Roads? You must be listening to a different news than I do. If any of you have been in a combat area, you know the next day you get a list that tells you how may contacts you had, how many people were wounded, how many were killed. I've listened to the news the last four years or so, and I'm back in combat. There hasn't been a day, not single day, that there's not been somebody killed around here. Whoever told you that crime is down, let me know. I'd like to sell you a bridge.

      A DP editor took the time to insert a response to this citizen comment. After some general comments on the crime reports, he ended by saying: "As for your statement that someone is killed every day, I'm hoping your intentiom was hyperbole. The claim is demonstrably and objectively false."

      Technically, the editor is correct --- in 2015, but perhaps not in about 5 years. In any case, the fact that 'shootings' (those that end with maiming or damage, as well as those that end in death) occur 'every single day' (on average if not in fact) is 'demonstrably' true --- using the reports that are in the Daily Press itself.

      And if one included the entire Hampton Roads area (Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, etc.), it is probably quite true that there is somebody killed 'every single day' (on average if not in fact).

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2015 Jul 27, Monday

      Annual Crime Reports:
      Crime was down 5 pecent in Hampton Roads in 2014, according to a recent report by the Virginia State Police.


    Are we supposed to be excited about 5 percent?
    Barbara H.

    Some one gets shot or killed around here 24/7.
    Jeremy S.

      [I read the entire article about one of these police reports for the Hampton Roads area. In the tables for the various cities, it was true that most types of crimes were down somewhat --- BUT the homicides in the city of Hampton had almost doubled over the previous year figure.]

2014   (most recent first)
  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2014 Aug 11, Monday

      A Newport News man was found dead near the Motel 6 on J. Clyde Morris Boulevard on Saturday morning. Police are investigating the killing as a homicide.


    And you wonder why I carry.
    Iron Ram [nickname?]

    Near my work. Yikes!
    Jason T.

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 2014 Aug 11, Monday

      James Brady death, 23 years after 1981 shooting, ruled a homicide:
      A Virginia medical examiner ruled the death of James Brady, a former press secretary critically wounded [in the head] in the 1981 shooting of President Ronald Reagan, a homicide.


    If he had passed away at the time or shortly thereafter, then I can see charging John Hinckley with his murder, but not 33 years after the shooting.
    Joe M.

    He meant to kill President Reagan and James Brady paid the price . . . He (Hinckley) should be locked up for good, not getting home visits.
    Donna S.

      [I agree. It is a travesty of justice that Hinckley wounded Brady in the head, horribly, and now a judge lets him live with his mother.]

  • DP FEEDBACK DATE: 201x mmm dd

      !!! This will be used for added citizen comments. !!!


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