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On the Kneeling E-cises:

For a full set of pictures and descriptions of the e-cises, see the Egoscue books.

SOME images and descriptions are provided herein, via links in the table below, to give a fairly clear idea of the nature of the e-cises.

Once you become familiar and experienced with the exercises that are best for you, the descriptions will probably not be necessary, but the suggested duration/repitions may come in handy, say via printout --- especially if you do not do some of the exercises very often.

To return to this page after displaying a picture or description, use the Back button on your browser.

E-cise name
(and links to
some photos)
Page number in
'Pain Free' book
(and links to
some descriptions)
Suggested Reps/Duration
image1 image2
221 10 reps, smoothly
CIRCUMDUCTION (arm circles; hanging) 172 (20 clockwise, 20 cc-wise) x 2, each arm
Kneeling COUNTER STRETCH 227 1 minute
Kneeling GROIN STRETCH 259 1 minute, each side
STATIC EXTENSION 56 1 to 2 minutes

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