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Many of the 'money-requesters' in these pages mailed (and continue to mail) money-requests to 'Individual One' and 'Individual Two' almost every month.

There is a strong possibility that the 'frequent-mailers' of money-requests (often amounting to money-demands, see story below) are hoping that the recipient is old and feeble-minded (for example, has Alzheimer's).

It is quite likely that these 'harassers' are hoping that the 'old' recipients will send money as frequently as they receive requests/demands for money.

In fact, 'Individual One' and 'Individual Two' of these web pages were/are over 70 years old. It is quite likely that the 'frequent-mailers' are aware of their age and hence are bombarding them with quarterly or monthly (or more frequent) mailings.

After starting these web pages in 2017, I ran across the following 10-year-old letter to the 'AARP Bulletin', a letter published in January 2007. It was titled 'Aggressive Charities'. The text follows.

    It's no wonder your statistics show one in 10 over-65 adults giving $5,000 or more annually to charity [Bulletin Board, "With Age Comes Generosity"].

    Several years ago, as my mother was starting to be unable to keep up with her bills, I saw that she was writing about $450 per month to various charities. My mom, who needed me to supplement her account quarterly, was sending checks in the $10 to $15 range, sometimes to the same charity every two weeks.

    When I asked her about this, she said she was "paying bills" that the charities had sent her. Indeed, when I started collecting her mail, I understood her comment better. The charities --- in 25 to 30 letters a week --- were not asking for money, they were demanding it.

    It borders on illegal to take advantage of older people --- as lonely as some are --- through such mailings.

    Jackie Ipp
    Lake Worth, Florida

Here are 'Individual One' and 'Individual Two' --- ten years later --- going through the same 'barrage' of money-'demands'.

It is WAY past time that the federal Congress should step into this mail-crossing-state-lines (and harassment of citizens, in-state as well as out-of-state) situation and

  1. lay down the law on the frequency of money-request/demand snail-mailings (and other appeals, like email) to any individual from any organization (no more than two requests per year, say) --- and

  2. provide penalties for violations (examples: suspension of bulk mail privileges, IRS investigations of the organization and its leaders, even jail time for those leaders) --- and

  3. require an opt-out-of-future-mailings checkbox with every money-request --- and

  4. require a metered return-envelope with every snail-mail money-request, so that recipients (victims) do not have to pay for mailing a request to stop being barraged with (unsolicited and unwanted) money requests.

But I will not hold my breath.

    One more item for Congress:

    Congress seems to want the U.S. Postal Service to become self-sufficient (not a money loser).

    One way they can help with that is to raise the postal rates of these (supposedly) 'non-profit' organizations.

    They pay about 20% (or less) of the rate 'ordinary' citizens pay --- about 9 cents per letter versus 48 cents (in 2018).

    Congress should make the 'non-profit org' rate about 50% of the 'ordinary' rate. It would certainly make the 'harassers' think twice about sending money-requests every month.

As is mentioned in the page links above, there are powerful mass-mailing lobbyists patrolling the halls of Congress.

That rather small minority has managed to get Congress to protect their wicked ways --- and ignore the welfare of the vast majority of citizens of the United States.

    (There are absolutely horrible, unethical, sleeze-ball people in Congress.)

Some of the worst offenders --- who send too many closely-spaced money requests --- are listed in the 'Individual One' and 'Individual Two' page links above.

The IRS and the FBI should be investigating many of these organizations --- and their CEO's.

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