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More 'talking (and writing) heads' may be added,
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Introduction :

This page gives a list of 'persons' deserving of scorn and derision --- and, in many cases, deserving of criminal prosecution for libel. The 'persons' here are 'talking heads' in the media (TV, radio, or print) --- and media 'outlets' such as TV outlets ... like CNN, FoxNews, and MSNBC.

You don't think any are guilty of libel? How about Glenn Beck repeatedly calling Obama a Nazi-Communist? Heck, the Nazi's couldn't stand the Communists, and vice versa. How could Obama be a Nazi-Communist? Beck deserves a few nights in the slammer for all the trash he has talked.

The 'persons' are listed on this page in alphabetical order --- by the person's last name --- or the outlet's name.

How to navigate this page

You can use the 'Find Text' option of your web browser to search for key words, such as 'beck' or 'coulter' or 'fox' or 'news' or 'hannity' or 'reilly' or 'limbaugh' or 'msnbc'.

Or you can simply scroll down this page to find people of interest.

Beck, Glenn (a 'talking senseless head')

This man's life is a continuous melt down.

As mentioned above, Beck repeatedly accused Obama of being a Nazi and a Communist --- and, as indicated above, those two things go together like the north poles of two magnets.

Beck would sometimes add a few more descriptors --- such as Socialist and Muslim.

Furthermore, Beck repeatedly accused Obama of being a 'racist'.

There are many things that I think Obama did quite wrong in his administration --- but I do not think he was racist.

Glenn Beck did the typical thing that Republicans and Fox News 'talking heads' do --- accuse your opponent of what you think he will soon accuse you of.

So Beck et. al. went on a mission of repeatedly calling Obama a 'racist'. REALLY?! A man who appointed people to his cabinet like Timothy Geithner and Ernest Moniz? Really? A racist?

the Blond Bimbos of Fox News   (scripted blond talking heads)

Has anyone done any statistical comparisons of the number of blond women on Fox News compared to other TV news outfits?

What's the idea behind all the blonds --- eh, Rupert?

I guess Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly liked the blond company --- while the 'boys' were employed there.

Coulter, Ann   (a talking 'rhymes-with-witch')

She is a master of twisted logic --- as noted in a blog posting, with examples of her twisted logic.

Hannity, Sean   (a Fox News talking head)

This guy, Sean Hannity, makes up sh*t with the best of them.

And he propagates consipiracy theories with the best of them.

And he has some interesting theories on child rearing.

He once bragged to several 'contributors' at Fox News that his father punched him in the face --- and indicated that he considered that was OK parenting.

The text of that on-the-air interchange was recorded as follows.

On Fox News last night [in 2014], Sean Hannity said he thinks that Adrian Peterson, the NFL player indicted on child injury charges should not go to jail for hitting his child.

Hannity explained that he was hit by his father as a child, and he turned out just fine.

"I got hit with a strap.

    Bam, bam, bam. [Hannity unbuckled his belt from his trousers and whacked his belt on the table three times.]

And I have never been to a shrink. I will tell you that I deserved it," he said.

Hannity's kids have a lot to look forward to.

As one commenter on a dailymail.co.uk news article page put it:

Hannity thinks no damage has been done to him? Then he failed to recognize why he is always so angry and hateful. It has to come from somewhere.

Ted Koppel has said that Hannity is 'bad for America'.
This, of course, touched off some acrid responses from Hannity.

Limbaugh, Rush (a radio talking head)

I actually think Limbaugh has a good point that we taxpayers should not have to pay for people's (women's) condoms. What's next? The government is to provide us with toothpaste 'for free'. Then what's next? Uncle Sam should provide toilet paper 'for free'.

But his tirade accusing a woman of being a 'slut' and a 'prostitute' for having said such things (essentially 'give us condoms for free, Uncle Sam') was way out of line. And saying she should post videos of her sexual experiences online for Rush to enjoy was really out of line.

If Limbaugh were going to be consistent, he would have pointed out that we taxpayers should also NOT have to pay for men's Viagra. And, to be balanced (like Fox News ... joke), he should have demanded that men whose Viagra is paid for by the government should post videos of their sexual experiences on the internet. Yuch! (That's German for Yuck.)

This un-jolly, jiggling blob (Limbaugh) is so full of hate, if we could just harness it, our energy concerns would be over.

Maddow, Rachel (an MSNBC talking head)

She repeats herself so much I have to turn the channel. She seems to like to see how many ways she can say a sentence by slightly changing the words (or their order) each time.

She is just too much of a waste of time --- so little content per minute.

It seems like she is trying to fill up time until the next batch of commercials.

Steven Colbert did a great imitation of her in early 2017. Look for it on YouTube.

Colbert included a good parody of her announcing an upcoming 'reveal' and going to a set of commercials --- then coming back for a few seconds to announce the 'reveal' again --- and then going back to another set of commercials.

MSNBC seems to use this 'mini-break' between long sets of commercials 'trick' in almost all its shows. Chris Matthews does it. Chris Hayes does it. Lawrence O'Donnell does it.

Does MSNBC and Maddow and Matthews and Hayes and O'Donnell think the audience is so dumb that we do not notice what they are doing in switching rapidly back to another set of commercials?

In addition to treating the audience like children, Rachel often deals in distortions of the news.

Matthews, Chris (an MSNBC talking head)

I wrote in to MSNBC one time to complain about how Chris Matthews has this REALLY irritating habit of asking a question of a guest and then talking right over them before they can get to the end of their first sentence.

I complained that he hardly ever lets a guest finish a sentence.

I think he took that complaint and named the last section of his show after it --- 'Let Me Finish'. Yeah, Chris. How about applying the same courtesy to your guests?

You can find plenty of forums on the internet where people go on and on about how irritating it is that Chris Matthews interrupts his guests throughout every show.

I find it annoying that his frequent 'contributors' --- such as David Corn and Howard Fineman and Eugene Robinson --- do not stand up to his horribly offensive interruptions. I guess they value the income stream more than their self respect.

It is pretty obvious that Chris Matthews is not really interested in what his guests have to say --- he is just using their presence to give himself the opportunity to blather on about what is on his mind.

Some headlines and quotes about the behavior of Chris Matthews:

    Why Does Chris Matthews Talk Over People?

    MSNBC Needs to Shut Chris Matthews Up.

    Chris Matthews: The Most Obnoxiously Annoying, Trifling Talking-Head Ever!

    It seems he invites guests to his show and then interrupts them and talks over them. I used to watch Chris, but he's gone off the deep end lately.

    He has interesting ideas and interesting guests... when he lets them talk. Matthews asks a question, and immediately interrupts his guests, often screaming. And these are his friends.

    By constantly cutting off his guests after two words, he's simply acting on his egotistical belief that he can answer his own questions better than anyone else. Matthews is one of the worst interviewers on TV.

    He is a rude interviewer, interrupts constantly, and has that arrogance of "anchor privilege" that his questions have oh-so-much more relevance than do the answers.

    Don't watch him. I stopped watching him. It feels good.

    You have to listen through hours of self-promotional nonsense from him. He makes you want to beat your head against something. Too frustrating!

    Passionate is one thing, being a jerk is another and Chris Matthews is a jerk.

I find it hard to watch his show any more. I have to quickly switch through MSNBC to another channel when he is on.

O'Donnell, Lawrence (a MSNBC talking head)

Won't this guy ever stop talking to us in a tone of voice like he is lecturing a bunch of kids?

I guess this is to be expected from a guy who prefers Lawrence to Larry.

Lawrence, just because you use that tone doesn't make you right. Like many of the other MSNBC talking heads, you usually don't make up sh*t like Fox News --- BUT you MSNBC guys (and gals) make like verbal magicians. Explanation:

Magicians work much of their magic by getting the audience to focus on one hand and not the other. You guys do the same thing verbally. You focus on one aspect of an issue and do not mention the aspects that might put a crimp in the opinion you are spouting.

For example, you rail on and on about Arizona passing a law prejudiced against Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. But you never mention the fact that there is a really ugly drug war going on along the border, and Arizona really DOES need to so SOMETHING about the spillage into their state. Maybe the law they passed was not the right thing, but there IS something that should be done.

    This reminds me --- I need to put the woman governor of Arizona (Jan Brewer) on the Wall of Shame page for Politicians. There have been many reports on how Arizona politicians are getting kickbacks from builders/managers of prisons --- for passing laws that will keep the Arizona prisons full, and laws that create a need for more prisons. There is reason to suspect that the Arizona law referred to above was just another one of those laws favoring the prison-building/stocking lobbyists.

    But misdeeds by Arizona lawmakers do not make it right for the MSNBC talking heads to ignore and minimize the drug war problem along our southern border.

O'Reilly, Bill   (another Fox News talking head)

Like Hannity (see above), Bill O'Reilly just loves to make sh*t up.

And he is as big an egomaniac as Newt Gingrich (see above).

I have seen him interview people, and, if they don't agree with his view on a subject, Bill will insist that they really agree with him. He just cannot believe his guest was not persuaded by his arguments.

O'Reilly had a past history of harassing women at Fox News. It is not surprising that he got fired at Fox News in 2017, after running up about 13 million dollars in legal fees that Fox News incurred due to his harassment episodes.

And what is with his fascination with 'killing' ?? --- as exhibited by his books on

  • Killing Lincoln
  • Killing Kennedy
  • Killing Jesus
  • etc.

More media 'objects of shame' may be added.

Some possible candidates for this page . . . people who have had a 'media presence' --- as hosts or 'surrogates' or 'contributors' :

Some Web Searches to Try :

Here are some links to Google searches that can provide 'new' instances --- and more information on 'known-to-you' instances --- of shameful activities by 'talking (and writing) heads'.

  • fox news makes shit up (over 22 million hits, 2012 Mar)
    (Try some other combinations --- for example, try 'fox news blondes'.)

  • glenn beck crazy (over 4 million hits, 2012 Mar)
    (Add keywords to zero in on particulars --- for example, add 'meltdown'.)

  • hannity hair (It's like Romney's.) (over 1 million hits, 2012 Mar)
    (Try some other 'heavier' combinations --- for example, try 'hannity hate'.)

  • coulter bulimia (over 2 million hits, 2012 Mar)
    (Try some different keywords --- for example, change 'bulimia' to 'regurgitate' --- or 'hate'.)

  • limbaugh drug addict (over 200,000 hits, 2012 Mar)
    (Try some other combinations --- for example, try 'limbaugh viagra' --- over 2 million hits.)

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