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This GOVERNMENT ISSUES eDocuments page

Links to the eDocument Category Sections below :


Some of the categories above may accumulate many studies, articles, etc. Occasionally, the categories may be refined to avoid an 'overflow' of eDocuments in any one category. Categories (proposed) may eventually include:

  • Voting Machines issues
  • Government Spending issues
  • Lobbies issues
  • Congress issues
  • Executive issues
  • Supreme Court issues
  • Consitution issues

To accomodate all the issues, there may need to be sub-categories of these categories --- to avoid a 'jumble' of topics.

You can use the 'Find' option of your browser to find keywords in eDocument titles on this page, such as 'vote' or 'vot' or 'spend' or 'congress' or 'lobb'.

In some of these category sections (below), there may be links to external sites --- or links to other web pages of this site --- of immediate relevance to the topic. For example, see Note4.

Relevant 'government issues' information may be found via a 'Walls of Shame' menu page on this site --- where there will be links to 'Wall of Shame' pages in categories such as 'Government', 'Business', etc.

In addition, there is a 'BLOG' section of this site which has a 'GOVERNMENT-and-CITIZEN' section of blog posts on topics like national security, government spending, media bias, social security, political donations, lobbyists, congressional contact information, political party platforms, Bill of Rights, Constitutional Amendments, and more.

Another external-links page of this site provides a list of some SEARCH engines that can be used to find more e-Documents in 'government issues' categories.


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