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Introduction/Preface :

I have collected 'eDocuments' (mostly PDF files) for several different purposes --- mainly for reference for:

  • computer programming projects (a hobby in retirement) --- especially for Tcl-Tk computer programming projects that use or demonstrate math concepts/formulas

  • topics that I have commented on (or plan to comment on) in my blog pages on this site

  • items related to home maintenance (including electronic devices)

As a consequence, I have grouped the links in the menu below into categories like these.

Categories of
'locally' stored e-Documents :

Math and Computer documents :

  • Math eDocs MENU
    (mostly books, mostly PDF's, in categories - MANY CLASSIC DOCUMENTS)

  • a Programming Guides page on this site
    (This is a link to the RefInfo -> Computers -> LinuxGuidesOfOthers -> LinuxProgrammingGuides page of this site. This is a page which has links to lots of PDF's on programming --- with an orientation toward programming on Linux.)

  • Computer App (Linux and OpenSource) Guide eDocs
    (This is a link to the RefInfo-Computers-LinuxGuidesOfOthers page of this site. Many of the 'LinuxGuidesOfOthers' are PDF files. Many of the PDF files are guides to

    • Linux apps
    • aspects of the Linux Operating-System
    • aspects of specific Linux 'Distros'

    There may be a few other 'eDocs' (PDFs) scattered throughout the pages available via the RefInfo-Computers menu page of this site.)

  • Computers (Microsoft Windows) eDocs
    (This is a link to a 'Microsoft' section of the RefInfo-Computers page of this site.)

Blog-topic supporting documents :

  • Environment eDocs MENU
    (world population, climate, etc.)

  • Government eDocs MENU
    (voting-machine data & issues, spending, etc.)

  • Health eDocs MENU
    (diet, knees, eyes, drugs, medical errors, etc.)

  • Life Sciences eDocs MENU
    (biology, genetics, etc.)

  • Sports eDocs MENU
    (running, tennis, hiking-camping, etc.)

Home Maintenance documents :

  • Devices eDocs MENU
    (guides for MP3 players, dictation recorders, radiation detectors, etc.)

  • Investing eDocs MENU
    (general investing guides, fund prospectuses, etc.)

'External' sources of documents :

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