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Below are photos of Buildings --- arranged in groups --- Skyscrapers and Homes.

    Some categories (and some sub-categories) may be added later.

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Some other architecture image collections are available at this site:

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This page is mainly for personal / family use and is not a commercial site.
(It is a place to gather building-photos of interest to me.)

In other words, there is no income from this site via advertising or otherwise.

If anyone 'stumbles' across this page and objects to an image (that they created or 'own') being posted here, I will gladly remove it.

The helicopter-pad, at the top of this Burj Al-Arab hotel in Dubai,
is shown in more detail on the Tennis Strokes page of this site.
Click on the image at the top right of that page, to see a close-up of
the heli-pad, with Roger Federer and Andre Agassi playing tennis there
--- very carefully.

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