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This page on designs/messages for T-shirts
on government/citizen issues

! Note !
Ideas for more designs may be added ---
if/when I re-visit this page.


I do not want to pay for (and wear) a t-shirt that has the name or logo of a 'for-profit' organization on it.

I would rather display a positive 'do good' message --- not commercial advertising.

There are many issues in the world--- as well as in the U.S.A.

Rather than wearing a t-shirt that advertises a sporting-wear company or a soft-drink company or a vehicle company, I would rather wear a t-shirt that carries a message advocating or supporting positive changes or conditions in the world.

'Monied' organizations advertise enough --- in fact, too much.

They ruin my TV-watching experience --- even on pay-cable TV, which should not be showing any ads at all. The cable TV companies are getting plenty from me in monthly billing.

I am not going to walk around, bombarding people's vision, with even more commercial ads than they are exposed to already --- ads emblazoned on t-shirts that I wear.

No. I would rather convey a non-commercial message with my t-shirts.

For example, I would rather wear t-shirts with a Lennon-esque message on them --- such as 'Imagine' --- as in 'Imagine a world with more periods of peace than periods of war'.

    By the way:
    Has there ever been even a single minute in which there was peace among humans everywhere in the world?
    History books indicate that the answer is no.

I have some other web pages with (preliminary) ideas for t-shirt designs --- in the categories of 'health' and 'energy' and 'the environment' and 'the economy'.

This page is dedicated to 'government/citizen' issues --- for example, matters of 'human rights' and 'freedoms'.


As I think of t-shirt designs on government/citizen issues, I plan to record them here, so that I do not forget them.

Thus I will have the ideas for reference --- for touch-up and for seeding more ideas.

Below are my government/citizen-oriented T-shirt designs in plain-text form --- perhaps with an image added occasionally.


Front1 :



Back1 :

One nation, under Good,
with liberty and justice
for all.

Good Bless America.

Before 1955, the phrase 'under God'
was not in the U.S. Pledge of Allegiance
--- in recognition of the Constitutional
guarantee of "no law respecting an establishment
of religion" as stated in the First Amendment.

People who respect that U.S. 'Bill of Right'
should be allowed to substitute 'under good'
--- without fear of retribution --- according to
religious freedom envisioned by founding fathers
such as James Madison.


Front2 :


Back2 :


The 'climate degradation' issue
deserves more exposure on T-shirts.


Front3 :

'A la carte' Cable

Back3 :

'A la carte' Cable
TV Channels

Other countries, like Canada, require
'freedom of choice' in cable TV channels ---
so called 'a la carte' choice.

We should not have to pay for channels that
we do not want to support. It becomes a Constitutional
'freedom of religion' issue when we are being forced
to pay for TV channels that are used to make
televangelists like Peter Popoff rich.

Even if it costs a little more to 'unbundle',
I would prefer the 'freedom of choice' ---
especially the freedom to not support a guy
who sells little packages of water to people
who believe he can get God to send them money.

Some Existing T-shirt Designs
(on government/citizen issues)

There are some web sites, like that offer many t-shirts designed by the public. Many of those t-shirts are concerned with government/citizen issues. Some examples follow.

Here are a couple of t-shirts with the 'In Good We Trust' slogan --- like the t-shirt shown at the top of this page. (Slightly different layouts and fonts.)

Other, somewhat similar t-shirts, have been designed by various people with a message that they want to express.

Some of these web sites also offer the option of putting slogans and images on coffee mugs, baseball caps, mouse pads, bumper stickers, etc. Some examples follow.

A quote on a necklace

More on the 'In Good We Trust' topic :

The U.S. government is supposed to preserve freedom of religion for each of its citizens --- "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion".

That is supposed to include rights for people who are 'Good Without A God' --- for example, in the past, the people who fled the torture and killings of the Inquisitions of Europe and did not feel that they needed the fear of a god to be good.

The government has accomodated the citizens who 'Need God to Be Good' --- and those who simply 'Need God' or 'Want God'. Some examples of this 'accomodation' are

  • putting 'In God We Trust' on dollar bills and coins

  • putting the words 'under God' in the pledge of allegiance
    (back in the 1950's --- when I was going to school).

To be fair and just, the government should manufacture some of the coins and dollar bills with the phrase 'In Good We Trust' in place of 'In God We Trust' --- as seen in the following images.

And in schools, when students say the 'Pledge of Allegiance', students should be allowed to say 'under Good' in place of 'under God'.

After all, there are almost as many 'Good Without A God' citizens in the U.S. as there are Catholics --- and as many 'Good Without A God' citizens as there are in the largest Protestant denominations (for example, Baptist) --- as indicated in the following image.

So, to be fair and just, about 20% of the bills and coins made in the U.S. should have 'In Good We Trust' in place of 'In God We Trust'.

Sample Costs of Having T-shirts Made

Here is the cost, in May 2008, of 24 t-shirts in a simple all-text design, like t-shirt #1 above. Itemized charges:

$30.00 for art (computer design) charges,
            at $30.00 per hour

$40.00 for screen-making charges,
            one time fee ($20.00 per side)

$24.00 for a single color
            (would have been more for multi-color)

$124.80 for 24 T-shirts, Gildan Adult 6.1 oz
            100% ShortSleeve, white, $5.20 each
                        (14 large, 5 medium, 5 small)

$10.94 sales tax

$229.74 TOTAL

($115.00 paid in advance ; balance on pick-up)

Average price per shirt was $9.57.

There is a slogan for a t-shirt in here
--- if it could be whittled down.


Do Good to Feel Good


Do Bad, Feel Bad
Do Good, Feel Good

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Could be cut down to
"Pity those who need a god to be good."

Could be cut down to something like
"Religion provides an excuse
for good people to do evil."

Somebody's t-shirt design.
Could shorten the wording some. Perhaps:
"God works in mysterious and
breathtakingly cruel ways."

This seems to be the sentiment of many,
after one of the many school shootings
in the U.S. --- especially mothers who say
'thoughts and prayers' are useless ---
real-world changes need to be made.