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In 2013, I was looking for information on the JPEG format --- in particular, information that might facilitate the inclusion of a JPEG-file-read capability in the Tcl-Tk 'wish' interpreter.

I ran across the site where John Miano described his frustration in trying to find readable information on the JPEG file format. This frustration led him to research the subject and even write a book titled 'Compressed Image File Formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, XBM, BMP)' that was published by Addison-Wesley in 1999 .

Besides the book on JPEG-JFIF, John Miano provided a library of code for processing JPEG, PNG, and other formats. His 'imagelib' version 4.3 was available as source code in an '' file in August 2013, but a link to that zip file at a newer code page of was dead in 2014 January.

In August 2013, Miano had links to both version 4.2 and 4.3 on his web site. I had downloaded both versions at that time, thinking that those links might go dead some years in the future. Little did I know that his links would go dead within 6 months.

I have not been able to find his code on such code archive sites as '' and '', although I did find some code labelled 'Fix black image issue with imagelib' at

In any case, I decided to help preserve Miano's code by making it available via this page. And ...

I occasionally run across 'open source code' that may be of interest to me --- offered at some web site. If I think that the code may be of use to me or others, I may use this web page to provide a backup copy of the code.

In fact, I have some pages devoted to 3D modeling on which I have supplied some source code that may disappear from the internet in the future. If you are interested in code for 3D model viewing and/or editing, you may see the page on 3D viewers and converters.


You can right-click on the following links and choose an option like 'Save Link Target As ...' to save the source code file to your local storage device.

Miano imagelib :

imagelib403 (version 4.3) --- described by John Miano at

As backup to 'imagelib403', here is imagelib402 (version 4.2).

I found a short biography of John Miano at the Center for Immigration Studies:

"Mr. Miano has been with the Center since 2008 and his area of expertise is in guest worker programs, particularly in how they affect the technology work force. Mr. Miano has a BA in Mathematics from The College of Wooster and a JD from Seton Hall University. Mr. Miano is also the founder of the Programmers' Guild, an organization committed to advancing the interests of technical and professional workers."

According to the site and Miano's site at, Miano has eclectic tastes in law, music, math, programming, battleships, and Startrek Enterprise.

Miano is also the co-author of a 1997 book on Borland C++ Builder. One busy person.

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