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This 'JavaScript QUERIES-and-RESULTS
on Browsers and DOM Objects' page

! Note !
More JavaScript-and-DOM utilities may be added
in the future --- to provide more types of queries.


When web page developers start out learning about HTML and JavaScript (and CSS = Cascading Style Sheets), they are introduced to the DOM = Document Object Model --- and to the BOM = Browser Object Model.

In writing code for an HTML page, in particular a page that includes JavaScript, the developer is often faced with the need to query certain objects in the DOM/BOM hierarchy --- to find the current setting of things like window size or browser type or any number of other information items that are stored in the DOM/BOM objects.

The purpose of this page is to provide some web page links that you can use to query aspects of your browser --- and to query the nature of the DOM hierarchy.

QUERIES :   (the utilities section of this page)

For starters, here is a link to a web page that

Examples of objects (and their properties and methods) that you can query:

  • window
  • screen --- same results as window.screen
  • navigator --- same results as window.navigator
  • document --- same results as window.document
  • screen.height.toString()
  • window.outerWidth.toString()
  • window.screenY.toString()
  • navigator.appName
  • navigator.userAgent
  • navigator.buildID
  • navigator.mimeTypes
  • navigator.mimeTypes[0]
  • navigator.plugins
  • navigator.plugins[2]
  • document.location
  • document.documentURI
  • document.images
  • document.styleSheets
  • document.body
  • document.body.clientWidth.toString()
  • and other objects down the hierarchy

Some other types of utilities --- or variations on this utility --- may be added in coming months and years. And this first utility may be modified to make some improvements.

Use of these Queries :

One use of this/these query utilities is to inquire on the properties of the browser on your cell phone versus the properties of the browsers on your laptop or touchpad or desktop computers (or other cell phones).

Personally, I plan to use these query utilities as an aid in HTML-JavaScript-CSS programming.

Some Query RESULTS :   (on various computing devices)

Some JavaScript-DOM/BOM query RESULTS can be seen on a JavaScript Query Results page for various devices and web browsers.


Some links to more info on browser and DOM/BOM properties may be put here someday.

For now, you can try a web search on the 'strings' :

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JavaScript QUERIES-and-RESULTS on Browsers and DOM Objects.

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