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Below are links to pages of STILL IMAGES that can be used as 'decopics' (decorative pictures) when authoring web pages. The images can also be used in blog pages, forum pages, and emails.

These Still Images are arranged in categories --- and into sub-categories pages that contain links to the images. The categories and sub-categories have names such as :

  • Computing Images category
    (sub-categories: Computers and Accessories, Icons, Tux Images, Linux Images - non-Tux )

  • Humorous Images category
    (sub-categories: Cartoons, NonCartoonHumorous )

  • LivingThings_orTheirToons_orParts category
    (sub-categories: Animals, BodyParts_HeartsEtc, Faces_PeopleOrToons, PeopleFamous_PhotosDrawings3D, PeopleGeneric_PhotosDrawings3D, Plants, ToonCharacters)

  • NonLivingThings category
    (sub-categories: 2Dgeom, 3Dgeom, Abstract, Alphabet, Architecture, ArrowsBig, Art, Astronomy_OuterSpace, AudioStuff, Backgrounds4Cells, BordersFrames, ButtonsBig, ComputerStuff [see above], DeskItems, EarthGlobe, Flags, Games, Gradients, GraphsCharts, HomeStuff, Jewelry, Logos, Maps, Money, Music, Optical_Illusions, Other, PaperProducts, Punctuation, ScienceEngineering, ScienceFiction, Seasonal_Celebrations, Separator Lines, Symbols, TextBkgds, TextMsgs_Signs, Tools, Vehicles, VideoStuff, Volcanos, Water_Splats, Weapons, Weather)

  • Scenes category
    ( sub-categories: FamousEventScenes, MovieScenes, NatureScenery, Panoramas )

  • Smileys (non-animated) category
    ( sub-categories: large, small )

Of course, there are cases where an image could fall under two (or more) of these categories. An image that makes you smile could be considered humorous, but, if it was probably intended to be interesting rather than humorous, it will probably be filed in a category other than one of the Humorous sub-categories.

To avoid a lot of duplication, an image will ordinarily be filed under one category.

How to use this menu page :

Use the table-of-contents below to go directly to pages of these still images. Or simply scroll down this page to see the links to the groups of images.

You can use the 'Find text' facility of your web browser, on this menu page, to use keywords to find image categories that might be useful. For example, if you were looking for an image of a person (or a representation of a person, or part of a person), you could search for 'person' or 'living' or 'toon' or 'character' or 'face' or 'part' or 'heart'.

How to use the image pages :

With most web browsers, you can right-click on an image, on one of the image pages, and select a 'Save As' option to save the image file to your local computer storage.

Each image file name usually contains the X,Y size of the image file in pixels --- as well as a description of the image. The pixel size is to help decide whether to use the image (as-is) for the web page location that you/I have in mind.

You can use the 'Find text' facility of your web browser, on any of the web pages of images, to use keywords to find images that might be useful. For example, if you were looking for an image of a skateboard, you could search for 'skateboard' or 'skate' or 'board'.

Size Categories for these Still Images :

These Still Images are available in a wide range of sizes. In these pages, the images are typically presented in two size categories :

  • 'small' (largest of the 2 x,y dimensions is less than about 160 pixels) --- presented 'as-is' in these web pages

  • 'large' (at least one of the 2 dimensions is larger than 150 pixels) --- presented as 'thumbnails' in these web pages, the thumbnails being links to the larger images.

The 'small' images are suitable for small highlights on a web page (or email or blog post or forum post).

The 'large' images are generally suitable for web page headings --- or as 'spice' between sections on a web page --- or as an ending note on a web page.

Some 'screen-full' images are generally too large for web pages, and are likely to be 'wallpapers' or not-scaled-down photos. But the 'screen-full' images (and any of the 'large' or 'small' images) can be scaled down or cropped --- with an image editor program like 'mtpaint'.

These still images are like a next step beyond bolding of text --- to draw attention to a section of text.

For Personal, Non-Commercial Use --- on multiple computers :

The images are presented here mostly for my own personal use --- as a resource and as a means of categorized archival. These pages help me categorize, according to my thinking (at the time), the basic types of images archived.

I will be able to use these images, on this website, from one of my desktop or netbook computers --- at home or on the road (globe-trotting).

If others find this archive useful, so be it. AND if someone thinks they 'own' one of these images, let me know. I will be glad to delete it from this site. (NOTE: These images are for personal, non-commercial use.)

Table of Contents:     (links to category pages of still images)

(Many of these page links are 'Not Available Yet', as indicated by 'NAY'.
The 'NAY' indicators will be removed as the pages become available.)

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