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! Preliminary AND Old !
These HTML templates may be revised,
if/when I re-visit this page.

(The templates may be revised to eliminate
deprecated HTML tags and attributes ---
and to improve the format --- and to accomodate
portrait orientation on cellphones and tablets.)

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Below are links to sample web pages that can be used as starting 'templates' for authoring a web page.

These templates are arranged in 'application' groups such as:

  • Content DOWN-THE-PAGE templates for

    • putting BLOCKS OF TEXT text down the page, with occasional images ... for example, for a blog-post page.

    • putting medium-resolution IMAGES down a page (say 640x480), with text links to high-resolution bigger images ... for example, for a page of family photos of a vacation, each text link stating the size of the bigger image, such as '1024x768'.

    • putting text LINKS down a page, like links to movie files or audio files ... for example, for a page of family movies or a page of humorous audio 'bites', each text link describing the movie or audio (or stating the filename).

  • MENU page templates for

    • presenting a TABLE OF CONTENTS with links to GROUPS of items (such as links) that are below, on the same page with the TableOfContents (TOC) ... like this page.

    • presenting a TABLE OF CONTENTS with each TOC item being a link to a separate web page ... for example, each link being a category link to a category page for your blog pages. (Each category page would have links to individual blog entry pages.)

    • presenting a MENU of the ALPHABETIC characters, with links to corresponding separate web pages ... for example, to organize a music collection.

  • TABLE page templates for

    • presenting a 2-column TABLE of cells

    • presenting a 3-column TABLE of cells

    • presenting a 4-column TABLE of cells

    The tables could show sports results, stock info, ...

  • THUMBNAILS page templates for

    • presenting a page of 'THUMBNAILS' of images, in an HTML table, 6 per row, say, with the thumbnails being links to bigger-sized images.

    For example, for an on-line 'clip-art' gallery, for web page development --- or for an on-line gallery of GUI interfaces ('screenshots') of computer applications, for reference by programmers.

How to use this page :

Use the table-of-contents below to go directly to these groups of templates. Or simply scroll down this page.

Click on the 'page-description link' to bring up the template page, rendered in your web browser --- in a separate tab or window.

To see the HTML code for the page, click on the 'SHOW CODE' link. The code is shown in a separate tab or window.

Alternatively, you can use a 'View > Page Source' option in your web browser to show the page of HTML code. You can select all or part of the code to paste into a text editor window running on your computer.

OR, you can right-click on the links below and choose to save the template file on your computer, for later editing or reference.

    In some versions of web browsers, the 'SHOW CODE' link may not work. Those browsers will insist on rendering the HTML code, rather than showing it as 'plain text'.

    On personal computers, you may still right-click and save the file. Then view the file, say, with a text editor.

Notes on the HTML code :

In most of these templates, there are sections of code that are commented, with


HTML indicators. For example, there may be img-src or mouse-over-image example code sections that can be un-commented to add decorative images to the page.

NOTE: These templates may be altered some in the future as I use them myself and find things to change or add.

The code is presented here mostly for my own personal use --- as a reference and as a means of archival --- and to categorize the basic types of web pages, in my mind.

I may download some of these templates when on the road, with a netbook computer --- or when on a computer in another part of my house --- to do some web page development.

Others may use these templates --- or fragments from the templates.

Table of Contents:

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Groups of HTML-page Templates for

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