Demonstrators against an
across-Virginia pipeline ---
and FOR more aggressive development
of renewables (solar, wind).

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Ash heaps of the Dominion Resources
utility company. The utility wants to
dump 'ash-water' into Virginia rivers.
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Categories of Energy Reference Info :

  • Dominion Resources Utility Company - Issues in Virginia

      (multiple examples of actions by this company that are NOT
      in the interests -- health, finances, etc. -- of the general public

      --- along with an occasional bright spot --- and info on the perpetrators
      of ill and good)
  • Renewable Energy Status -- in the U.S. and in the world

      (a reference-info web page is to be at this link --- there is to be
      info on costs becoming more competitive, build-out, etc.)
  • other possible reference-info pages are

    • more pages on Renewable Energy Info of specific types,
    • more examples of Corporate ir-Responsibility,
    • more examples of Government ir-Responsibility,
    • etc. etc.

A page of external-web-page links related to Energy topics such as
energy in general and solar energy is available via the home page of this site.

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