Gun Lobby
'Big Players'

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Who, specifically, are
the 'guiding' supporters
and money supporters
behind the NRA?

(This page has some info --- and 'external' links to info --- on the gun business 'players' and on gun-proliferation issues.)

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This Gun Lobby 'Big Players' page

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Introduction :

Whenever there is a mass shooting in the United States, the NRA (National Rifle Association, Wikipedia) --- in particular, a 'head' --- such as executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre (Wikipedia) --- is quick to defend the right of ALL citizens to buy guns ---

  • as often as they want,
  • as many as they want,
  • as deadly as they want
    (huge-magazines, fast-firing, high-caliber, exploding-bullets ... laser weapons next?)
  • as massive as they want
    (armor-piercing ammo? grenade-launchers? howitzers? tanks? nuclear?)
  • no matter who they are :
    • the constantly enraged,
    • the totally deplorable,
    • the serial wife abuser,
    • the serial child abuser,
    • the frequently apprehended violent criminal
      (released over and over again by a strange justice system),
    • the violence-prone illegal immigrant,
    • even the radical/angry Sharia-law-loving Muslim
      (gun-sales-money Trumps any care for human life it seems),
    • in short, anyone who can go to a gun show
      (where there are no background checks).

In spite of the fact that around 90% of the people in the U.S. --- Republicans as well as Democrats --- are in favor of 'closing the gun show loophole' (Wikipedia), the heads of the NRA defend that loophole as if their jobs depend on it.

And their jobs probably DO depend on it. Because they get the major part of their paychecks from the 'gun lobby' --- as does a major part of Congress --- in particular, a major part of the Senate.

    All the gun-lobbyists are cost-conscious. They know that they do not need to pay off a major part of the 400-plus politicians in the U.S. House of Representatives (amounting to more than 200 politicians). The lobbyists can prioritize paying off a major part of the 100 politicians in the Senate (about 51 politicians).

    So it pays to be a Senator rather than a Representative . . . and be paid by other lobbyists, as well as gun-lobbyists.


Furthermore, the gun lobbyists work to repeal sensible laws such as

  • the one-gun-purchase-per-month law (Wikipedia) in Virginia, which was repealed in 2012 by a Republican-dominated legislature.
    (Apparently 12 guns a year and about 500 per lifetime are not enough.)

    WEB SEARCH on keywords:
    'virginia one gun per month law'

  • a tax on ammunition that was attempted in Washington state, and which the NRA was battling in the courts in 2015.

    WEB SEARCH on keywords:
    'washington state ammunition tax'

    As the comedian Chris Rock pointed out in a comedy tour around 2012, if ammunition were made expensive by a tax, violent people would be inclined to fire guns much less frequently. (He worded it more humorously.)

    WEB SEARCH on keywords:
    'chris rock ammunition tax'

Behind the Scenes

Every time there is a mass shooting, inevitably an NRA head, like LaPierre, proceeds to head-off even the most basic and moderate of common-sense (and citizen supported) life-defense mechanisms --- such as

  • closing the gun show loophole --- or
  • slowing down gun purchases --- or
  • taxing ammunition

with taxes earmarked to help handle and prevent the damages wreaked by weapons in the wrong hands.

    Taxes on guns or ammunition could be seen as payment by gun-lovers for their current ability (not a right) to buy guns at gun shows with no background checks.

    'Keeping' and 'bearing' are rights --- for a 'well-regulated militia' --- which are not to be 'infringed', according to the 2nd Amendment. But this leaves 'purchasing' open to be infringed just a little --- in a common-sense, common-decency sort of way.

I find it surprising that all we see in the news media are NRA spokes-people --- not the people 'feeding' (paying) the spokes-people.

Never do we hear a peep about the people who are making all the money off of guns sales. For example, we hardly ever hear from any actual gun-show-sellers --- and, more importantly, we do not hear from any gun-manufacturers --- that is, from the CEO's and chairmen of gun manufacturing companies.

    Around 2017, on a stock analysis show on CNBC, I saw a couple of stock analysts commenting on some gun manufacturer stocks. The analysts were saying it was a good time to buy these stocks because there seemed to be an up-tick in interest in buying guns. (This was between some U.S. mass-shootings, which happen about once every two months in the United States --- not to mention the daily homicides --- about 11,000 per year, 30 per day --- and about 73,000 gun-inflicted injuries per year.)

    After their analysis, there were a few moments of uncomfortable banter between the hosts of the show. They were obviously uncomfortable with what was said by the analysts. (I have not seen any analysis of gun manufacturer stocks since then.)

The CEO's and chairmen are glad to hide 'behind the curtain' --- and let NRA 'spokes-people' do their talking for them.

Of course, you know their money is being poured into tons of ad campaigns and news outlets and 'talking-heads' --- to get their '2nd Amendment rights' distortions-of-the-Constitution onto the airwaves, the internet, and print publications.

So ... just who are those manufacturing companies and their CEO's --- and their lobbyists and propagandists??

Here are some lists of gun manufacturers:

Some other links that may be fruitful are:

Some 'keyword' web searches that may be fruitful are:

Of course, you can try any of these searches and
then add/change/delete keywords to do different searches.


From these lists and links and searches, we can get a start on our list of 'players'. Some gun lobbyists and some CEO's of gun manufacturing companies are presented in a 'Players' section below. Some Congress-people may also be added.

    NOTE: It appears that Wikipedia seldom puts biographies of the officers of gun/firearms manufacturing companies online. So you will have to do general web searches to get more information on those officers. I may occasionally add pictures and links.

Organization of this web page :

A 'Players' section below lists various people who are 'gun lobby players'.

The players are in order by last-name (or by name of an organization or company).

With each of the 'players', there may be a picture and 'external' links to

  • info on the person or organization

  • a web search on keywords such as the player-name and words like 'gun' and/or 'lobby' and/or 'arms' and/or 'sales' and/or 'lawsuit' and/or 'outrage' etc.


Eventually, this page --- or pages like it --- may help Newton-CT-parents, Virginia-Tech-parents, Columbine-CO-parents, and others like them, find some way to get some people and organizations to respond properly to their grief.

Searching this page :

If you are looking for some particular information, and the alphabetical 'Players' list below is not so helpful, you can use the text search function of your web browser.

For example, if you are looking for people/organizations related to a specific topic such as 'lobbyist' or 'CEO' or 'Congress' or 'Remington' (brand), enter a character-string such as 'lobby', 'ceo', 'cong', or 'reming' in the text search entry field of your web browser.

Deez 'players' :

Some of these 'players' probably have children. I wonder if they ever think of the world they are creating for their children --- and your children.

They don't seem to recognize what happens when they help flood a region or country (like the Middle East, Afghanistan, Somalia, upper Nigeria, the Congo, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, etc. etc.) with automatic weapons. We will all reap what the gun distributors sow.

It's happening day after day --- the gun population exploding like the human population.

Enough. Here is the 'Players' list.
(Preliminary in April 2017.)

Start of PLAYERS List:

(in alphabetical order
by last-name/org-name)

End of PLAYERS List.

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