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  • Stock Price Histories - a page showing stock
    price-changes over a period of about a decade
    (with links to Stock Price Charts for 800-plus companies --
    & links to financial data -- for stock Buy & Sell decisions
    --- in alphanumeric order by Company Name)

  • Company Financial Trends
    (for 250-plus companies --- in a SORTABLE data-table)
    (A page for collecting-data &
    accessing-rather-quickly financial
    data-charts for data such as Revenue,
    NetIncome, NetProfitMargin, LongTermDebt,
    Debt-ratios, PE-ratio, DividendYield,
    CEO/NEO-compensation --- by which to make
    stock Buy & Sell decisions)

  • CEO Compensation and Company Revenues
    (for 250-plus companies --- in a SORTABLE data-table)
    (A page for collecting multi-year executive-compensation-growth data --- compensation that is generally increasing far beyond consumer price growth and beyond company revenue growth.)

    (A page for people concerned about stock dividends and stock buy-backs being diverted into inflated executive compensation --- salary, stock grants, stock-option awards, cash awards, termination agreements, 'golden parachutes', company plane and other perks, etc. etc.)

  • CEO Pay Ratios
    (for 200-plus companies --- in a SORTABLE data-table)
    (Data from annual proxy statements)
    (The table can be sorted by CEO-pay-ratio, CEO-compensation, median-employee-compensation, number-of-employees, etc.)

  • Stockholder Proposals
    --- from annual proxy statements
    (giving an overview of investor concerns --- for 50-plus companies)

  • Dividend-paying Companies
    --- at around a 3 percent rate
    (data for about 300 companies)

  • ETF Fund Price Histories
    --- over a period of about a decade
    (links to charts for 50-plus ETF's)

  • Fundamental Analysis Using Yahoo Finance
    (explanation of financial statistics as reported for stocks at --- statistics such as Debt-to-Equity and EnterpriseValue-to-EBITDA ratios)

  • other Investments/Stocks categories may be added here

  • an 'external' LINKS Stocks/Investments page
    of this site includes links to stock screeners and
    other 'external' web pages of investment info

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