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  • Company Revenues and CEO Compensation
    (for about 100 companies)
    (a page for collecting data relative to executive compensation that is increasing far beyond consumer price growth)

    (a page for people concerned about their stock dividends and stock buy-backs being diverted into inflated executive compensation --- salary, stock grants, stock-option awards, cash awards, termination agreements, 'golden parachutes', company plane and other perks, etc. etc.)

  • Dividend-paying Companies
    --- at around a 3 percent rate
    (data for about 70 companies)

  • Stock Price Histories
    --- over a period of about a decade
    (links to charts for 500-plus companies)

  • ETF Fund Price Histories
    --- over a period of about a decade
    (links to charts for 50-plus ETF's)

  • other Investments/Stocks categories may be added here

  • an 'external' LINKS Stocks/Investments page
    of this site includes links to stock screeners and
    other 'external' web pages of investment info

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