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Most of these eDocs are for non-computer devices --- such as miniature USB music (mp3) players, hand-held dictation recorders, or miniature radiation detectors.

At the bottom of another menu page on this site, called 'Computer Info - Local Content', there is info and some 'locally stored' GUIDES for computer devices such as

  • external USB disk drives
  • computer mice
  • printers
  • motherboards
  • network switches
  • smart phones (which are small computers with their own operating system)
  • digital cameras (which can connect to computers to off load image files).

You can use the 'Find' option of your browser to find keywords in eDocument (eBook/eArticle/eReport) titles on this page, such as 'usb' or 'record' or 'rad' or 'detect'.

In some of these category sections (below), there may be links to external sites --- or links to other web pages of this site --- of immediate relevance to the topic.

Occasionally, categories may be added to this page to accomodate eDocuments added to this 'Devices' category.

Some pages of EXTERNAL links related to about ten different computer-topics are in a COMPUTER section on the home page of this site.

For example, there are external 'Computer-Gear' links. Some of those links may lead to more eDocuments in this 'Devices' category --- but not 'locally stored' documents.

Another external-links page of this site provides a list of some SEARCH engines that can be used to find more e-Documents in these DEVICE categories.

USB-device eDocs

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