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Below will be images that depict the George W. Bush 'enlightened' positions on various topics of a scientific nature --- such as evolution, stem cell research, the flatness of the earth (or, as he would say, the flatulence of the earth), etc.

Some other science-related wings of the library are

For MORE Images and Data:

This wing is rather empty right now --- partly because of Bush's nature of emphasizing non-scientific issues, like more-money-for-the-rich and pronunciation (example: nyook-you-lar energy).

For more images (and info) for this wing, see the WEB SEARCHES section below.

Those searches may suffice in case I never return to add to the pictures on this page.

and for MORE INFORMATION on the subject:

It may be a long time (years or never) before I get back to this page to add more images, so here are some links to WEB SEARCHES for more images and info.

Also, you can go to suitable Wikipedia pages and follow links from there, such as

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