John McCain & Sarah Palin Images

during their quest to extend
the Bush MIS-administration
to an admin of their own

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Below are images that capture some of the 'lowlights' of the John McCain and Sarah Palin 2008 Presidential campaign to extend the George W. Bush MIS-administration.

If McCain-Palin had won the Presidency-VicePresidency, they would extend the government with hundreds (if not thousands) of lobbyists throughout Executive agencies --- making sure that they (FDA, SEC, etc.) do not DO anything.

That would mean that the taxpayers would get less for their money --- unless you count

  • financial chaos and
  • drug deaths and
  • food poisonings and
  • chemicals-in-your-water and
  • coal-mined-mountain-tops-in-your-valleys

as 'more'.

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Those searches may suffice in case I never return to add to the pictures on this page.

For more on the sh*tload of lobbyists in the McCain campaign,
see this link.
Lobbyists in McCain's 2008 Campaign
(about 42 of 177 are listed by name, with links to more info)

This is a reference to campaign comments
on 100 years of U.S. troops in Iran.

A suggestion that Exxon would be
calling the shots
in a McCain adminisration.

A suggestion that McCain
would be more Bush.

McCain quote in mid-2008:
"The economy is fundamentally sound."

In this one, only the cheek looks like McCain.
Looks more like Cheney-McCain-Bush.

The Bull, of course, represents the
2008 stock market meltdown
amid the Great Recession caused by
'toxic' mortgages.

The McCain-Palin campaign was a campaign of issues ----
except for issues such as economic policy, energy
policy, social issues, tax policy, foreign policy,
supreme-court appointments, and Rove-style politics.

Alaskan Gothic.

For your viewing pleasure, we have a collection of 2008
McCain-Palin campaign T-shirts, buttons, and stickers.

Irate Republicans.

This could also be a caricature of Tina Fey
(of the 'Saturday Night Live' TV show).

Note the high-heels in snowshoes. Nice touch.

We've come to the end of the McCain-Palin wing.

This Momma Bear gives sugar cookies to
school kids, whether their mothers approve or not.

She's one of those Republicans who
think they are always right --- and
know what's good for everybody.

and for MORE INFORMATION on the subject:

It may be a long time (years or never) before I get back to this page to add more images, so here are some links to WEB SEARCHES for more images and info.

Also, you can go to suitable Wikipedia pages and follow links from there, such as

You can follow the many links in these WEB SEARCH and Wikipedia pages to find out more information on the activities of McCain and Palin --- during the Bush years --- and before --- and after.

Perhaps Palin will want to pursue the presidency in 2012 (with Ann Coulter as her running mate).

But the Republican Party is too male-dominated to go for a woman in both offices.

It makes for a very scary thought though --- two bat-shit-crazy, violence-prone women in charge of the USA.

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