Some STRIKING Images

The images below are ones that seemed particularly striking to me. Some are pleasant, a few disturbing, many generating a mixture of emotions.

Many are pictures of people --- or other life forms.

You will see that some of the photos were magazine covers. Apparently a picture editor thought those photos were striking too.

Some striking pictures in 'more inanimate' categories --- such as architecture and scenery --- are on other Pictures pages of this site.

'Scary' pictures --- such as pictures of sharks, spiders, and microscopic bugs --- could certainly be classified as 'striking'. I put those pictures on a separate page.

I start this collection out with only a few photos --- without grouping them into categories.

I plan to add photos (and perhaps other types of images) over time. If there seems to become a need for grouping the categories, I will organize the page into categories at that time.

How the images are presented :

The images below are presented on this page in a small size (less than 250x250 pixels). Each image is a link to a larger size. Click on the small image to see a larger size image.

The larger sizes are shown in a separate window.

Close (or minimize) the separate window(s) to access this window again.

If you hold the mouse cursor over an image, a small pop-up 'balloon' will provide a brief description of the image, with the pixel-size indicated. (These pop-ups should work in most web browsers.)

Some of the images are high-resolution --- more than 1,000 pixels horizontally or vertically.

This picture makes me think of humanity faced with extreme poverty.
How lucky I am. (There seems to be fear in the eyes, yet with
some hint of future promise or potential.)

This is a baby picture of the kind one seldom sees.
The human body is amazing. Life in general is amazing.
This picture reminds me of how we must feed our bodies properly,
to preserve the magic. Companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi are
not helping --- far from it. I found out the hard way.

This is a picture of man on a different spheroid from Earth.
An earth-shaking achievement --- or perhaps moon-shaking.

This a picture of the 'baby' of some proud poppa farmer.
The unusual size of this fruit-of-the-earth is striking.
It grew to that size in a few months.
Again, life is amazing --- and comes in so many amazing forms.

1000-pixel-plus images :

This is a jolting picture that evokes feelings of what it
might be like to have a loaded gun pointed at your face.
Not good --- not good at all.

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