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In the 1990 to 2012 timeframe, I used HP printers at home --- HP PSC (Printer-Scanner-Copier) printers after about 2006.

However, I did not like the fact that the color cartridges for HP printers had all 3 colors (cyan, magenta, yellow) in one cartridge. Often, I would run out of one color but have plenty left of the other two. (However, now I try to use black for almost all printouts.)

I liked the idea that Epson used 3 separate cartridges for the 3 colors. So around 2013, when we were having trouble with a couple of HP printers (they were leaking ink and printing poorly or jamming), I decided to replace them with Epson printers.

I got an Epson Stylus NX430 printer-scanner-copier and an Epson Workforce 545 printer-scanner-copier-fax (but ended up not using the fax feature).

I also have an Epson V100 'Perfection' Scanner that I plan to use someday.

    I later found out that when any of the 4 cartridges on the Epson Workforce printer runs out of ink (say a color cartridge), the Epson printer software (at least on Microsoft Windows) will not print your next document page --- even if there is plenty of black ink, and you just want to print a black-and-white (or grayscale) document. The software insists that you replace the empty cartridge.

    Bummer. If you don't have the right color cartridge at hand, you have to run out and get one before you can print anything on that Epson printer.

I was able to use the scanner on the Epson NX430 printer-scanner-copier as I have documented at a Linux Scanner How-To for Epson Scanners --- where I describe installing and using Epson 'iscan' software on Linux.

For more help on using various scanners on Linux, see the Ubuntu Community Help on Scanners.

The intent of this page is to provide a place to collect information on printer and scanner hardware that I have used.

Organization of this page:

In the following sections are links to local PDF files (or 'external' web pages) with product, setup, and user-guide information for some Epson and HP printers.

I include a section of links to documentation on the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) software, which is used with my Linux computers.

Epson Section:

HP Section:

CUPS (and related print software) Section:

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