Isaac Newton
(1642 to 1727)


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Gottfried Leibniz
(1646 to 1716)

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Info Pages :

  • Math History - A Timeline
    (mathematician names, birth-death dates, contributions)

  • Physics History - A Timeline
    (physicist names, birth-death dates, contributions)

  • a Math Books Inventory
    (a list of 'modern' books that are meant to popularize mathematics and convey its logical beauties --- and surprises)

  • Newton Math References (for the 'Principia' and 'De motu')
    (books, websites, journal/magazine-articles)

  • 'Great Calculations' Bibliography - a re-organization of the 'Bibliography'
    and 'Notes' sections at the back of the 'Great Calculations' book
    by Colin Pask

  • Math Videos
    (links to videos and other animations of mathematically generated objects such as fractals, polyhedra, fluid flow, etc.)

  • Also see the eDOCS-MATH page of this site --- and the computer and programming guides provided via its parent eDOCS page. Also see a couple of pages of 'external links' to math sites on the home page of this site.

  • 'Beautiful', Short Mathematical Proofs - collected (coming?)
    --- such as proof that the square root of 2 is irrational, and
    the sum of the first n integers is n(n+1)/2, and clever proofs
    of the Pythagorean theorem.

  • Medical-Biological History - A Timeline (coming?)

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