(and accessory) BARGAINS

Make/Model and Specs and
Sources and Prices for:

  • sub-$300 Netbooks
  • sub-$350 Laptops
  • sub-$400 Desktops
  • USB 'sticks'
  • USB Hard Drives
  • Monitors
  • (with info on CPU-chip/processor
    benchmark ratings)

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    This Computer Bargains MENU page

    ! NOTE !
    Data on computer (and computer component)
    bargains are to be added to these pages
    occasionally --- as time permits.

    Computer Bargains MENU:

    (links to other pages)


    NOTE :

    My intent is to continue to (occasionally) add examples of computer bargains to the bargains-list links of this page.

      And if I find some alternative CPU benchmark lists, I may post links to the CPU chip/processor benchmarks page.

    Good intentions do not always work out, however --- especially when the 'good intender' is trying to maintain hundreds of web pages. So we will see how it goes.

    Bottom of this MENU page of
    Computer (and accessory) Bargains
    --- starting around 2014

    --- especially sub-$400 netbook,
    laptop, and desktop computers

    --- with a list of CPU benchmarks to aid in
    comparing the performance of the computer bargains.

      (Chromebooks, iPads, and iPad wanna-be's do not qualify. I do not like the intrusive, too-many-popups-and-ads-in-your-face nature of the Google operating systems and apps. And Apple products are just too darned expensive for what I need.)

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