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! Note !
More notes and guides are to be added,
in additional categories.

Links to the Notes and Guides pages are below.

When enough notes are accumulated on a particular software topic, the topic notes may be organized into a Guide. However, it is unlikely that will happen.

These page-links are mostly links to Notes, rather than Guides. At best, the notes are mini-guides.

You can use the 'Find' option of your browser to find keywords on this page,
such as 'gnome' or 'nautilus' or 'audio' or 'editor' or 'image' or 'mail' or
'office' or 'security' or 'video' or 'web' or 'browser'.

Or simply scroll down the page to scan for topics of interest.

DESKTOP environment :   (including file managers)


    (See mtPaint image editor notes, below, available 2010 May 14)
    (See 3D viewer and converter notes, below, available 2011 Jan)
    (See ffmpeg video notes, below, available 2011 Jan 06)
    (See Thunderbird email client notes, below, available 2011 Apr 19)
    (See Filezilla FTP client notes, below, available 2011 Apr 23)
    (See Brasero CD-DVD 'burner' notes, below, available 2011 Apr 23)
    (See SciTE text editor notes, below, available 2011 Aug 24)
    (See cng2jpg notes, below, available 2011 Dec 23)
    (See OGMRip notes, below, available 2012 Jan 01)
    (See Seamonkey web browser notes, below, available 2012 Jun 15)
    (See Gnome Network Manager 'applet' notes, below, available 2012 Jun 23)
    (See Inkscape vector-image-editor notes, below, available 2012 Jun 23)
    (See Xsane scanning notes, below, available 2013 Mar 20)
    (See GnomeBaker CD-DVD utility notes, below, available 2013 Apr 21)

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