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Some Important Math

1. A Demonstration of the Pythagorean Theorem,
Parallelogram Style
(Somewhat similar to the proof in Euclid's 'Elements'.)
Parallelograms with same height and base have same area.

2. A Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem,
Triangle-and-Parallelogram Style (image)
(Very similar to the proof in Euclid's 'Elements'.
Click the link. Animated.)
Triangles with same height and base have same area,
and a square or rectangle can be split into
two right triangles of the same area.

3. A Method of Proof of Pythagorean Theorem,
Water-Physics (Hydraulic) Style (image)
(Click the link. Animated.)

4. A Method of Proof of Pythagorean Theorem,
Trapezoid-and-Algebra Style (image)
(by President Garfield. Click the link. Not animated.)

5. A Method of Proof of Pythagorean Theorem,
4-Triangles-and-Algebra Style (image)
(Similar to an ancient Chinese view of
a right triangle and its squares. Not animated.)
The 4 hypotenuses are on the INSIDE of the big square.

6. A Method of Proof of Pythagorean Theorem,
4-Triangles-and-Rearrangement Style (image)
(Similar to an ancient Chinese view of
a right triangle and its squares. Animated.)
The 4 hypotenuses are on the INSIDE of the big square.

7. A Method of Proof of Pythagorean Theorem,
4-Triangles-and-Rearrangement Style (image)
(Very similar to an ancient Chinese view of
a right triangle and its squares. Animated.)
The 4 hypotenuses are on the OUTSIDE of the big square.

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WebSiteName origins:
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Laws should be passed to rein in these

(I try to be a subdued subdude ... but it's hard.)

Behold these wonders of evolution ... and
the near-infinity of wonders of the Universe.

Billions of years of evolution are being undone
in the timeframe of less than 200 years --- by
man's (and woman's) sewage and garbage and

toxic chemicals and plastics and

fuel-burning ( heat generation)

(exploding faster than deer and rats).

Mother Nature and Mother Earth are crying.

Earth BEFORE about 1910 and AFTER about 2090.

Less than 200 years from 'blue marble' to sh*t brown.

Less than 8 generations to brown, after
many thousands of human generations in blue.

Like Bill Burr says, we have to

"thin the herd".

He suggests 'randomly' sinking cruise ships.
How often should that be?

Let's do the math to quantify Bill's suggestion :

About 240,000 humans (net) are being added each day
to Mother Earth (circa 2018). This is about
10,000 per hour. Since a large cruise ship holds
about 5,000 people, about
one large cruise ship per half hour
needs to 'sink with total loss of life' to keep the
human population under control,
under about 8 billion people.

That is 2 x 24 x 7 x 52 = 17,472 cruise ships per year.
We will run out of cruise ships in less than a year.

Bill suggests building a cruise ship for
each one sunk (thus providing jobs). Let's check
the math for that, to see what is required.

There are about 240 countries (or 'administrative areas')
in the world. Only about 120 of them have enough coastline
and financial ability to build shipyards.

It takes about 2 years (and a large shipyard) to build
a large cruise ship. So we need about 17,472 x 2 = 34,944
shipyards replacing the ships sunk each year.

This is about 34,944 / 120 = 291 shipyards per country.
Even countries with large coastlines and big economies
--- like China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA
--- could not accomodate that many shipyards.

Bill, help us out.
What do you suggest in addition to cruise-ships?

Bio-degradable airplanes?
'Driverless-cars' with less-than-adequate
(Boeing-and-Tesla-like) AI (artificial intelligence)?
Cars built with randomly faulty brake lines?
Sleep-deprived semi-truck drivers? (36-hour shifts)
U.S. gun control laws (lawlessness) enacted world-wide?
Open-season on families with more than 2 . 15 kids?
(or, as Bill calls them, 'environmental disasters')



Man fiddles while Earth burns.

We passed the climate change 'tipping point' before 2015. How you gonna get the added kinetic energy out of all those N2 + O2 molecules in 99% of the air? and out of the ocean? and the land?

Hey, MEDIA --- and Bill Nye 'the Science Guy' :

It is NOT JUST CO2 and GHG = Green House Gases (gaseous 'emissions') that are heating up the Earth by 'trapping' and absorbing reflected solar radiation ( photons ) in the atmosphere.

There is something missing from this already-complex diagram
--- the burning of coal, natural-gas, and oil-distillates
--- which is upsetting the balance shown in this diagram
--- 100% in and 100% out (6 + 20 + 4 + 64 + 6) of solar energy.

Besides solar photon radiation, heating of the atmosphere is ALSO due to the 'direct transfer of heat energy' --- from BURNING LIQUIDS-AND-GASES-AND-SOLIDS and from hot surfaces (metal and other)

--- into VELOCITIES OF MOLECULES of the atmosphere

--- FROM 2-BILLION-PLUS INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES (those still functioning, old and new)

--- AND FROM millions of industrial and residential GAS-FIRED ovens, kilns, furnaces, heaters, smelters, foundries, gas turbines for electricity generation, etc.

--- running

  • 24/7 (electricity-generation & bitcoin-mining, coal or gas)

  • 24/5 (smelters & foundries, running 3 shifts)

  • 16/5 (in car-making, the paint-drying-ovens, running 2 shifts)

  • 8/5 (in small-businesses, the heating & cooling)

  • 3/7 (the family car)

where N/M means N hours/day, M days/week.

Stand beside an oven. You can feel the 'direct transfer'.

At least solar radiation can leave Earth's atmosphere, but the kinetic energy in air molecules is here to stay --- contained within that giant thermos-bottle called the vacuum of space.

    Perhaps a small percent of heated N2 and O2 molecules reach escape velocity and are attracted to the moon or sun by their gravitational attraction?? Slowly boiling-off??

A simple arithmetic calculation:
(based on internal combustion engines)

Cars and SUV's have a horsepower rating of about 200 horses. Semi-truck engines are capable of about 500 horsepower.

The engines of planes, trains, and ships are much more powerful.

And gasoline-and-diesel-burning combustion engines are in everything from big mining / construction / agricultural / forestry machines to motorcycles, mopeds, lawnmowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, etc.

Let us say the average internal combustion engine is about 300 horsepower. Then those 2-billion-plus engines are the equivalent of about 2 billion times 300 = 600 BILLION horses --- some working and some 'on standby'.

Humans have effectively added roughly HALF A TRILLION potentially-heat-generating horses to Earth --- about 100 times more 'horse-equivalents' than the number of humans on Earth --- and about 10,000 times more than the 60 million actual horses in the world.

    Those 2-billion-plus internal combustion engines are intense heat generators.

    Note that if you drove across town --- to the hardware store, say --- in a carriage pulled by 200 horses, when you got there, you could put your hand on the necks of the horses and they will feel warm.

    But in a 200-horsepower automobile, the heat of the 200 'horse equivalents' would be concentrated in an engine block and exhaust system. If you placed your hand on the block or muffler, you would get a nasty burn --- and you could melt your hand if you left it there.

    All that intense heat is being transferred into the atmosphere. Think of the amount of heat being transferred into the air (nitrogen and oxygen molecules) by billions of vehicles waiting at stop lights and traffic jams every day.

    That heat transfer rate is proportional to the difference in temperature between the metal engines and the air --- a much higher rate for engine-to-air than horse-to-air.

In the 1600's, the "Father of Microbiology" Antonie van Leeuwenhoek predicted that the Earth could support no more than 13.4 billion people, due to the land-area limitation.

BUT ... Leeuwenhoek had NOT counted on a population with

  • the 'Internal Combustion Engine' (ICE)

  • oil-and-gas fossil fuels
    (some coal was being used in the 1600's,
    but not petroleum oil and gas)

  • faster transportation

  • labor saving machines

--- which have grown into about 7.5 billion humans with roughly 0.6 TRILLION horse-equivalents on planet Earth in the early 2000's.

And these 'ICE' petro-LIQUID-burners do not take into account all those voracious natural-GAS-burning heat-generation-devices. And there is also SOLIDS-burning (coal and biomass burning) that we have not accounted for.

    In short, there is LIQUID and GAS and SOLID fossil-fuel burning going on constantly on planet Earth.

It can be said that humans have already 'over-populated' Earth --- with themselves and their machines.

NATURAL GAS horsepower:

    Here is a link to a page on this site that provides a simple arithmetic calculation of the billions of 'constant hot horse equivalents' of heat being generated by the consumption of the world's NATURAL GAS in those millions of furnaces-ovens-kilns-etc.

      (6 billion hot 'super horses' ---
      never-tiring, working hard, generating heat, 24/7, day after day.

COAL horsepower:

    And here is a link to a page on this site that provides a simple arithmetic calculation of the billions of 'constant hot horse equivalents' of heat being generated by the consumption of the world's COAL, to a great extent in the generation of electricity --- also for human-heating and steel-making and smelting of other metals.

      (Another 10 billion heat-making 'hot super horses'.)

OIL distillates horsepower:

    And here is a link to a page on this site that provides a simple arithmetic calculation of the billions of 'constant hot horse equivalents' of heat being generated by the consumption of the world's OIL DISTILLATES --- LIQUIDS such as gasoline and diesel fuel --- in those billions of internal combustion engines (ICE's).

      (Another 8 billion heat-making 'hot super horses'.)


    The calculation of the number of 'constant hot horse equivalents' of heat being generated all-day-every-day due to the burning of BIOMASS --- such as the forests and jungles of the Amazon and Brazil --- is left as an exercise for the reader.


    There is also atmosphere-heating that is coming from concentrating and bringing together radioactive chemical elements (NUCLEAR FISSION) that heats water into steam to drive electricity generators. That heat is jettisoned into 'cooling ponds' and into the atmosphere from huge 'smoke stacks'. Perhaps 'steam stacks' is a better term.


    There are more than 6 + 10 + 8 = 24 billion constantly-heat-generating 'hot super horses' on Planet Earth --- working hard, 24 hours/day , every day --- according to fossil-fuels usage data from recent years (about 2014 to 2019).

      Alternatively, this Energy RefInfo Menu page provides 'calculation-pages' that show that there are more than 3 + 5 + 4 = 12 billion constantly-heat-generating 'room-space-heater-equivalents' on Planet Earth --- heating the atmosphere every day, 24/7 --- according to fossil-fuels usage data from recent years (about 2014 to 2019).

      In other words, each of those constantly working 'hot super horses' generates about the same amount of heat as half of a typical 'room space heater on maximum setting'.

The neutralizing effect of glaciers-and-snow-and-ice is fast disappearing. When they are gone, the Earth temperatures will REALLY start rising fast.

    Note that engineers at oil-, gas-, and coal-related companies (exploration companies, refiners, utilities, vehicle manufacturers, HVAC manufacturers) probably did simple calculations like these decades ago.

    Like the tobacco companies that insisted for decades that heavy smoking does not cause cancer, these atmospheric-heating companies have been insisting that burning huge amounts of fossil fuels does not heat planet Earth.

    These companies are complicit in all the death and destruction resulting from fires and floods and droughts and heat waves --- all of which are happening in various seasons of the year at various places on Earth. And those seasons are getting longer.

And then there is the 'plastics tipping point' --- and the 'sewage tipping point' --- and the 'garbage tipping point' --- and the 'toxic chemicals tipping point' --- and the 'nuclear waste tipping point' --- etc.

Humans have some work to do, if they want to stop degrading their world and avoid wiping themselves out.

Bullshit !!

Lower-back Pain Every Morning? ... Get RELIEF
(from a simple lunge stretch ; no drugs ; no surgery)

Twitching-Left-Thumb? ... a Possible Solution
(remove some things from your diet)

By the way:



Whether those lives are black, white, yellow, red
... animal, vegetable, or one-celled organism.

Bad (violent, destructive) lives ... not so much.

This applies to police too:

Good police-lives matter.

Bad police-lives ... not so much.

There needs to be better vetting of police ---
better background checks and
psychological testing
--- and a
'demerits-and-merits' system
with termination consequences as well as rewards
--- to get rid of the bad ones.

There needs to be a stop to knee-jerk killings of blacks like 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. The video of that shooting is as horrific as the 2020 video of the Minneapolis police strangulation-murder of George Floyd.

Here is a link to more info on such police 'behaviors'.

The Fraternal Order of Police and the NYPD need to 'man-up' and admit that there is such a thing as bad police in their ranks --- uncontrollably-angry people who have no business being police.

Change "Defund the Police" to "Re-Form the Police".

"Stable Genius" = "F**king Moron"

Credit Rex Tillerson for telling it like it is.

MAGA = Make America Germophobic Again

(like back in the 1950's polio days)

MAGA = Make America Grotesque Again

( grotesquer than ever)

Mego-man Trump is willing to experiment with our children and sacrifice our children to the Covid-19 coronavirus --- as well as destroy the U.S. Postal Service --- on top of de-constructing NATO and inflaming tensions with China and North Korea and other U.S.-threatening nations (while delusionally and paraphrenially sucking-up to them) --- in order to get re-elected.

George Washington and his men must be wondering what they fought for.
Their sacrifice yielded this ?!?!?!?

By the way, mail-in voting provides a paper trail that can provide a way to audit and verify election results --- something Trump and his enablers devoutly do not want.

There is no paper-trail (to support verification and randomized audits) with most electronic voting machines --- which, historically, have been provided by companies owned by Republicans. Trump et. al. want the votes counted by the vote-counting computer programs provided for use with those machines.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing,
those who count the votes decide everything."
- Joseph Stalin

For more comments on Trump and his 'minions',
see the 'freedomenv' Twitter thread.

Covid-19 has been in USA since Feb 2020.

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